2018: The year of lower GRU bills

December 27, 2017

If you're a Gainesville resident, you've heard, or maybe even experienced some of the controversy around Gainesville Regional Utilities and their reputation for sky-high rates over the last couple of years.

Whether you live in the area or are considering making Gainesville your new home, we have great news! City Commissioners voted and approved new plans for GRU that will, in turn, lower rates for both residential and commercial customers. 

City Commissioners and GRU officials alike are predicting a savings of 7 to 10 percent for their 90,000+ customers, with lower rates starting as early as Febuary 2018 utility bills (reflecting January's usage). Those who are outside of city limits should expect a decrease in their bill of about 5 percent.

Out of the options of plans that the City Commissioners were given to vote on, they chose a plan that they are referring to as a "weighted" non-residential plan, meaning commercial customers of GRU will be seeing more savings than residential customers.

It is said that the lower rates being predicted are a direct result of The City of Gainesville and GRU's recent purchase of the plant formerly known as Gainesville Renewable Energy Center.

After the residents of Gainesville have attended countless open meetings held by City Commissioners over the last few years, asking for something to be done about the increase in their utility bills, we finally see that those voices have been heard! Here's to a step in the right direction as we approach the New Year!

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