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Tech City Coming to City of Alachua


Rumor has it and recent articles in the Gainesville Sun confirm it. The City of Alachua is planning to build a Tech City which will include the tallest rock climbing wall in the world! Come one, Come all!

Glaeser and Rich Blaser, CEO of Infinite Energy, are behind these plans for San Felasco Tech City...

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Kickin' Out The Clutter! Creative Organizing Ideas for Around the House


Hello Spring Cleaning Season! As we mentioned in a previous blog, we’ve seen people get super creative using organizing accessories or displays for things other than their intended use to organize all kinds of items in a fun, cute, and creative way.

Take a look at these fun ideas for using wine racks to organize all kinds of household items!

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3 Myths about Real Estate - DEBUNKED Part II


As discussed in Myth Busters Part I, we asked: Have you ever had a job where you said “Everyone should have to _____ for 1-6 months so they can see what it’s like”? We commonly hear this with things like waiting tables or other customer service jobs. But what about Real Estate? Do you ever wonder what your agent wishes that you knew? Take a look at these MYTHS about Real Estate in Myth Busters Part II and get informed on the real scoop! Maybe these are things you've heard another person talk about or just general assumptions but let's see what the real deal is here.

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3 Myths about Selling Real Estate


Have you ever had a job where you said “Everyone should have to _____ for 1-6 months so they can see what it’s like”? We commonly hear this with things like waiting tables or other customer service jobs. But what about Real Estate? Do you ever wonder what your agent wishes that you knew? Take a look at these MYTHS about Real Estate and get informed on the real scoop!

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Daycation ideas for Floridians and Visitors


Of course Theme Parks and the beach are always at the top of the list when we think of places in Florida for vacations, but let’s look a little further off the beaten path and see what other fun we can find for your next DAYcation in the Sunshine State! Whether you just need an adventure day flying solo or with the fam, or if you have visitors coming and looking for something fun to do with them, check out some of these hidden treasures:

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Enjoy These Alachua County Local Parks and Walking Trails


With Spring just around the corner there’s no better time to get out and explore one of the many parks & nature trails that Alachua County has to offer. Here’s the first installment of some of our favorites.

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Happy New Years! Celebrate with the Gainesville Community


It’s hard to believe that 2018 is nearly over and 2019 is on the horizon!

Ring in the New Year in Gainesville with these fun events around the community:

DOWNTOWN COUNTDOWN - Starts at 9pm New Years Eve
A Concert at Bo Diddly Plaza

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2018 Gainesville/Alachua County market report is out!


Our 2018 Gainesville/Alachua County market report is hot off the presses!  

The local trend is similar to what most areas are seeing - higher prices, but also fewer homes selling.  Prices are up about 7% in Alachua County, but activity dropped to roughly where it was in 2016.

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Holidays at The Hippodrome Theater


We’re in full swing of the holiday season, whoop dee doo!

There’s lots going on around town to celebrate the spirit of the holidays including toy drives, music events, light tours and plays, just to name a few. Check out these plays and showtimes for Holidays at The Hipp!

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Buyers Guide:  What’s the process? 


First, let’s nip one thing in the bud. Sometimes working in real estate, we experience the awareness that many first time home buyers don’t know that having a Realtor represent you, as the buyer, is a free service. How does this work and why? 

The seller pays commission to both their listing agent and to the buyer’s agent for bringing them the buyer...

Click for more housing forecast shows muddier 2019 - but maybe not locally


The 2019 housing forecast is hot off the presses!  We will dive into the data & tell how how it impacts us in Gainesville/Alachua County.

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Is Now a Good Time to Buy and Why?


For starters, the answer is definitely “Yes”.

You may have seen our recent blog "Buyers Market Around the Corner in Gainesville" with stats showing that our strong seller’s market could be turning around to a buyer’s market. These stats may have some buyers or prospective home buyers hesitating or thinking of holding off their house hunting plans but here are some other things to consider.

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Savvy Open Houses This Saturday, November 10th


Come check out these two one-of-a-kind homes listed with Savvy + Co. Real Estate, Gainesville this Saturday for a chance to win a pair of tickets for the Gator basketball game 11/14 against LaSalle at 7pm - section 119, Row 4... AND the final football game vs Idaho 11/17 - South endzone, Row 3!

Both Open houses will be held from 11am to 2pm this Saturday, November 10th. These two homes are both located in Northwest Gainesville less than 3 miles from each other in Timberlane and Northwood.

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Buyer's market around the corner in Gainesville?


Are we finally seeing a long-anticipated move towards a Buyer's market?  Tough to say for sure but here's some data that suggests maybe so.

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The Savvy Moving Checklist:


Let’s face it. While finding your dream home is one of the most exciting things that people experience, the whole start to finish process can get overwhelming.  This Savvy Moving Checklist is a timeline that will keep you organized, and prepared to minimize stress as you plan for your big moving day!

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West Gainesville, Jonesville, and Newberry BOOMING with new construction


It’s no secret that Gainesville and Alachua County are BOOMING. It feels like everytime we turn around we see places where land is being cleared for new construction and plans for a new, subdivision, apartment complex, or retail center are popping up. Many residents of Gainesville have noticed the freshly cleared land on the corner of Newberry Road and Parker Road...

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Welcome Home to Northwood! Northwood is an oldie but goodie neighborhood nestled in Northwest Gainesville off of 34th street just North of 39th Avenue close to the YMCA. Most homes in Northwood are constructed of concrete block or brick and most were built in the 1970’s with lot sizes averaging at 0.3 acre and mature landscaping...

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Featured Local Business:


We’ve mentioned before that in this industry, it’s important to have lots of connections! Our giant virtual rolodex is full of everything from contractors, painters, handymen, mortgage lenders, home inspectors, and great cleaning companies just to name a few. This week we want to give a big shout out to Amber Johnson and "Maid in America" Cleaning Services for always being thorough, reliable, and dependable.

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Gainesville real estate market has entered 'Slowtember'


If you're selling a house right now, you probably are wondering why your home isn't moving as fast as your buddy's did back in April.  But there's no reason to fret, because September in Alachua County is typically a slow month.

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HOT summer market in Haile Plantation


SW Gainesville's Haile Plantation has long been a hot spot for Alachua County homebuyers, but the heat has ratcheted up in the past year.

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