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West Gainesville, Jonesville, and Newberry BOOMING with new construction


It’s no secret that Gainesville and Alachua County are BOOMING. It feels like everytime we turn around we see places where land is being cleared for new construction and plans for a new, subdivision, apartment complex, or retail center are popping up. Many residents of Gainesville have noticed the freshly cleared land on the corner of Newberry Road and Parker Road...

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Welcome Home to Northwood! Northwood is an oldie but goodie neighborhood nestled in Northwest Gainesville off of 34th street just North of 39th Avenue close to the YMCA. Most homes in Northwood are constructed of concrete block or brick and most were built in the 1970’s with lot sizes averaging at 0.3 acre and mature landscaping...

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Featured Local Business:


We’ve mentioned before that in this industry, it’s important to have lots of connections! Our giant virtual rolodex is full of everything from contractors, painters, handymen, mortgage lenders, home inspectors, and great cleaning companies just to name a few. This week we want to give a big shout out to Amber Johnson and "Maid in America" Cleaning Services for always being thorough, reliable, and dependable.

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Gainesville real estate market has entered 'Slowtember'


If you're selling a house right now, you probably are wondering why your home isn't moving as fast as your buddy's did back in April.  But there's no reason to fret, because September in Alachua County is typically a slow month.

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HOT summer market in Haile Plantation


SW Gainesville's Haile Plantation has long been a hot spot for Alachua County homebuyers, but the heat has ratcheted up in the past year.

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Magnolia Place townhouse subdivision and is conveniently located in the heart of Northwest Gainesville just North of 39th Avenue and West of 43rd Street. Magnolia Place is nestled down a winding road and behind Magnolia Park Shopping Center.  There are over 50 structures, including the Clubhouse and mail center that make up this beautiful community. 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom units, all of which are 2 story can be found in Magnolia Place. What sets Magnolia Place apart is...

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Who has the best cup of joe in town:


Here at Savvy + Co Real Estate, we run on coffee and contracts! In our busy world, we understand that a lot of people take comfort in a nice cup of coffee. Whether you’re meeting an old friend for coffee, snuggling up with a warm mug and a good book, or drinking an iced coffee on a hot Florida day, there’s nothing like a good cup of joe to compliment a moment. According to our recent Facebook poll, here are the best coffee places in town! Try them out and let us know what you think!

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Staging Your Home to Sell: Don't Forget the Garage!


When it comes to staging your home, the garage is one of the last places you’re probably considering. The living room and kitchen are two of the spaces that hold the most weight to the buyer. If you’re feeling confident in your staging of those rooms, you’ll want to use your garage as an additional perk that will push the buyer over the edge or even encourage them to put down a higher offer.

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Hurricane Ready!


We take pride in helping you find your dream home. Let us help keep it and you protected.
With Hurricane Season (June 1 - November 30) in full swing and it’s peak date range coming near from the end of August through mid September, you can never be too prepared for anything that hurricanes may bring your way. Use this handy dandy Hurricane Guide to help you prepare for before, during, and after any storm scenarios. There’s also a checklist at the bottom to help you make sure you’re all stocked up on supplies! We hope this hurricane season doesn’t bring crazy surprises but be sure to hunker down and stay safe and dry in the event that things get hairy!

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Gainesville's Fun in the Sun


Since we’ve already published a blog listing ideas for things to do indoors on a rainy or intolerable hot day, now here’s a listing of fun outdoor places or activities to enjoy when the weather is nice. Get the deets on springs, trails, local events and more!

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Savvy Gainesville to host a Rooterville / Gainesville Pet Rescue Meet & Greet


Come on by for a family-friendly tour of this 30-acre farm in Melrose listed for sale with Savvy + Co. Gainesville. This farm is currently owned by Rooterville, a sanctuary for over 300 animals including pigs, goats, and cows. Meet many four-legged friends and a few people, too! We'll be serving vegan food and refreshments. Gainesville Pet Rescue will also be in attendance with photos of pets up for adoption.



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Local Resources


Whether you’re new to the area or have been a resident of Gainesville for a long time, all of us could use some reliable resources here and there, especially if you’re in the market to buy or sell. In this industry, we are constantly growing our network to share with our clients and communities so we compiled a resource list that anyone might be able to find something useful from.

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The Best Pizza in Gainesville


We got an OVERWHELMING amount of responses to this poll. People in Gainesville are seriously passionate about pizza. Is it the thick crusted Chicago style that folks sought after or the thin and crispy New York style? We have a few long-standing pizza joints in Gainesville that ranked pretty high which is no surprise and we’ve listed them for you, in order, here from the most popular responses to honorable mentions.

#1: Coming in neck and neck with the most votes are...

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Don't call it a slowdown...


For the 2nd year in a row, July has brought a market slowdown to Alachua county.  As of this writing, roughly 30% fewer homes are forecast to sell in July, compared to May & June.

The question is - should we be concerned?

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Real Estate Terms Made Easy!


Real Estate Terms made easy:

Home buying and selling can be an overwhelming process. It helps to understand the jargon, especially for first time home buyers. Let’s look at some words that your Realtor, Lender, Closing agent, or others involved might throw around that will help you follow.

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Little things sellers can do to help their house sell


So maybe you’ve seen our blogs on Staging, Curb Appeal, or Home Organizing but now let’s look at what not to do. Whether you’re getting ready to sell or have an active listing that’s been sitting, here are some tips to get buyers to find your house more appealing.

Let’s start outside: While Curb Appeal and having a manicured lawn are important, surveys show that buyers can get turned off by too many flowers or gardens that appear to be “high maintenance”

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Market Spotlight: Eagle Point


Eagle Point is a Robinshore Community located in NorthWest Gainesville off of Fort Clarke Boulevard in between 23rd Avenue and Newberry Road. It’s location provides convenient access to...

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What's Happening Around Gainesville This Week?


What’s going on in Gainesville? With Summer in full swing and Father's Day coming up this weekend, there's lots of fun going on in Gainesville over the next week or so. Check out this list of events to keep you busy!

Thursday June 14th at 8 PM · Cypress & Grove Brewing Company · Gainesville, Comedy: Brett Druck is an American stand up comic and cast member on Laughs TV Show seasons 2 & 3 on FOX and HULU. You may have seen him on America's Got Talent, or heard him on Pandora Comedy Radio.

Friday June 15th at 7:30pm - Do you love to sing Karaoke? The Hippodrome Theater is taking Karaoke to another level. Get up on the big stage for Karaoke night at the Hipp!

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Savvy + Company debuts new price analyzer tool for Gainesville/Alachua County


We're in the thick of a seller's market right now and some sellers (and agents) are using that as an excuse to swing for the fences, price-wise.  While that can occasionally work, we have put together some charts to illustrate the importance of not overpricing a home.

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Ellis Park - Market Spotlight


Ellis Park is located in Northwest Gainesville off of 98th Street and 23rd Avenue. Ellis Park is a Robinshore community and includes just under 180 homes and home sites and 22 homes have sold in the last year. The average current list price in Ellis Park is $344,966 and the average sold price is $285,513.

Ellis Park features beautiful Craftsman style homes and a frindly neighborhood atmosphere. Enjoy the paceful setting and the amenities including community pool and playground as well as partial landscaping provided by the Ellis Park Home Owner's Association.

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