UFORA Apartment Complex Misses Deadline, Leaves College Students Stranded

September 11, 2023

In its first year of operation, the UFORA apartment complex has delayed its scheduled August 5th move-in date due to contractor delays. Uncertainty continues to loom for UFORA residents who were eagerly anticipating their move into the complex located near UF campus and sorority row. Many of UFORA's residents consist of college students, with a significant number entering their first or second year of college.

Residents received an email on July 6th from the apartment's manager informing them that the complex would not be prepared by August 5th. Many residents have voiced their frustration with UFORA's lack of transparency. In response to the delays, the apartment complex has offered two solutions to its residents in attempt to mitigate the consequences. Residents may choose to receive accomodations in local hotels such as the Hampton Inn, Hyatt Place, or Holiday Inn while also receiving a $50 daily allowance. Alternatively, residents may opt for the second option of receiving a $600 weekly payment to arrange their own accomodations.

As of September 11th, UFORA is still not prepared. Frustration and impatience increasingly build while the complex continues to push back its move-in date.

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