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Hurricane Ready!

August 13, 2018

We take pride in helping you find your dream home. Let us help keep it and you protected.

With Hurricane Season (June 1 - November 30) in full swing and it’s peak date range coming near from the end of August through mid September, you can never be too prepared for anything that hurricanes may bring your way. Use this handy dandy Hurricane Guide to help you prepare for before, during, and after any storm scenarios. There’s also a checklist at the bottom to help you make sure you’re all stocked up on supplies! We hope this hurricane season doesn’t bring crazy surprises but be sure to hunker down and stay safe and dry in the event that things get hairy!

Maintain trees that may threaten your home’s electric linesMake evacuation plans
Fill up your gas tank
Turn off or disconnect all outside electric appliances
Leave the gas meter on
If evacuating, turn off main breaker in circuit panel but don’t remove your electric meter or turn off your gas meter
Board up windows
If you have a portable generator, do not ever run it while it is inside.

Stay inside!
Report power outages to your power provider
If you smell natural gas (rotten egg smell) report it immediately, alert others, leave the area and call 911 from outside.  

Stay away from all downed wires and avoid standing water as it may be contaminated or energized by a downed power line.
Again, if you smell gas, call 911.
If you are powering your home with a generator make sure it is not connected to your electric system - it could energize your power company’s power lines.

A few or more water tight containers to organize the following:
Battery operated radio or T.V.
Plenty of extra batteries
Emergency candles
H2O - 6-8 gallons per person
Ice chest(s) - If a storm is coming start storing extra ice within the 24 hours before the storm as your ice maker produces it
2 week supply of non-perishable food - get creative and think of things that don’t absolutely require refrigeration or cooking
Meds - get your prescriptions filled ahead of time if the pharmacy allows you.
OTC meds you may need such as aspirin, allergy meds, etc
Bandages, gauze, alcohol, ointments, etc
Topical insect repellent
Important papers including:
Emergency phone numbers
Passports, drivers licenses, social security cards, birth certificates, etc.
Family records such as marriage or death certificates
Insurance policies, contracts, deeds, and wills
Inventory of valuable household items, including photos and purchase receipts
Medical records
Pet documents including vaccination records
Family photos
Pet food, collars with tags, and leashes and/or crates
Pet medications
Cleaning and sanitation supplies such as bleach, paper towels and trash bags
Disposable eating utensils
Can Opener
Fire Extenguisher
Waterproof tarp
Sleeping bags
Camera to document any damaged property.

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