West Gainesville, Jonesville, and Newberry BOOMING with new construction

October 31, 2018

It’s no secret that Gainesville and Alachua County are BOOMING. It feels like everytime we turn around we see places where land is being cleared for new construction and plans for a new, subdivision, apartment complex, or retail center are popping up. Many residents of Gainesville have noticed the freshly cleared land on the corner of Newberry Road and Parker Road just east of The Tioga Town Center, across from the new NFRMC satellite ER, and it is peaking curiosity as to what is yet to come.
Daniel Smithson and the Gainesville Sun published a pretty hefty article on October 14th explaining what plans are known for the new construction coming soon.

As for the corner in question, Parkwood Alachua Land Investment Inc. is planning to develop what will be known as “Newberry Park” which is said to consist of 4 separate retail structures totalling to up to 150,000 square feet as well as 300 apartments. Peter Trematerra, who is said to be the lead builder on the project has reached out to retailers such as Starbucks, Chik-fil-A, WaWa, and Aldi grocery stores. This project will start with the construction of the apartments and is set to take 12 to 18 months to complete. Peter Trematerra says that Newberry Park will be similar to the new Park Avenue at Santa Fe on 39th Avenue.

Not only do residents of Alachua County have this project to look forward to, but there is also land being cleared, which may not be as noticeable to passer-byers because of its location. However, just west of the Newberry Park project site, caddy corner across the intersection from Publix at Steeplechase on Newberry Road and 241, the land behind CVS and immediately north of the Midgard Self Storage location is being cleared for another project.

Reputable and well-known builder to the Gainesville area, G.W. Robinson Homes purchased this parcel of land and has plans to develop non-residential space which may include office space and/or retail space as well as over 200 townhomes and over 150 single family homes.

These projects will add over 4,000 new homes to Alachua County. Also set to expand in the near future is Tioga Town Center, as well as an expansion to Arbor Greens that will be known as  Veve at Arbor Greens planning to feature 260 units, and phases of Villas at West End are still under construction as well.

With all that is underway, be sure to check back with us often for updates and stay safe on the roads in these areas!

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