5 Home Improvements with High Return on Investment

October 1, 2019

Is your house a little dated? Do you want to make some improvements or upgrades but also
want to make sure that you get the best bang for your buck if you decide to sell? Not all home
improvements bring a good return on investment when selling, so unless the improvement is
simply for your own style and enjoyment, choosing projects with higher ROI just makes sense.
Home Improvements with High ROI

 Add square footage – The best return on investment is additional space. Converting an
attic or basement into a family room, adding a room or bathroom or even installing a
garden room or outside kitchen will bring solid returns when selling.
 Bathroom + Kitchens – Remodeling a bathroom or kitchen will always bring more
than their cost when selling. Create simple and soothing environments where a future
owner can imagine themselves using and avoid heavy period-style cabinetry and
 Doors + Windows – Upgraded doors and windows can really add impact to a room.
Not only do current options save energy, they come in a wide variety of styles and
finishes to accentuate the space.
 Garage Doors – If you have an old or weathered garage door, this is a relatively
inexpensive way to dress up your home.
 Paint – Fresh paint is inexpensive and makes the home appear new and modern.
Choose calm or neutral tones which compliment any décor.

Regardless of whether you’re considering a weekend project or a major remodel,
understanding the return on your investment can help you make the best choice for your
project. Home improvements can be costly and if you’re considering listing your home for sale
in the future, make sure you can recapture your cost.

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