Three Things to do Before Listing Your House For Sale

December 2, 2019

Before you list your home for sale, it’s time to do a little work around the house – to prepare
and make sure your home is seen in the best possible light. These “must-do” items are about
showing your home to buyers as one which is cared for and ready for them to add their own
brand of home to the space. Taking a little time up front can mean thousands of dollars as
buyers start writing their offers.

3 Must-Do’s Before Listing Your House for Sale:
1. Declutter, Depersonalize and Clean – This is the time to take spring cleaning seriously,
in any season. Clear out all unnecessary items from the home; closets, drawers, extra
clothes, old unwanted furniture. Donate to charity, hire a dumpster or rent a storage
space; buyers will look in every space and open all drawers and cabinets, make sure
your home seems spacious. Spend some time to depersonalize by removing excessive
pictures and hide heirlooms. Finally, deep clean every space top to bottom.
2. Address Deferred Maintenance – Make small repairs or hire a handyman to take care of
problems which could appear during the home inspection. Replace caulking, fix broken
windows and screens, replace light bulbs and freshen up and clean grout; buyers want
to see a home that is cared for with “good bones.”
3. Go for Curb Appeal – Spend some time in the yard. Trim bushes and trees, clean and
repair hardscape and make sure there is adequate lighting. Welcome your buyers with
seasonal flowers or décor and place a fresh mat by the front door.

Before you put that sign in the front yard, spend a little time and elbow grease to make sure
you welcome your potential buyers with the best version of your home.

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